No matter what your project is, whether it includes tiling, bricklaying, rendering or building we have the right sands for you. Our extensive product range has been sourced from a number of different suppliers and locations to ensure our customers can rely on consistent quality within every grain. View our complete range below and contact our friendly customer service team for expert advice today.

Enlarge Medium/Coarse Sand

Medium/Coarse Sand

Medium coarse sand is a washed sand variety. It provides the ideal base for tilers and pavers. This type of sand can be used for screeding floors and top dressing lawns. Each particle is twice the size of fine river sand. Medium coarse sand can also be used as a soil component to aid drainage.

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Enlarge Fine River Sand

Fine River Sand

Each granule of fine river sand is a distinct round shape from rolling down river beds and sand dunes. This enables the product to possess excellent drainage qualities. Fine river sand is another washed sand variety and is used for top dressing lawns, screeding floors and grouting pavers and tilers. Particles are smaller than coarse sand.

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Enlarge 50/50 Sand

50/50 Sand

Plaster sand is a form of refined washed sand that is primarily used by plasterers for rendering purposes. It can also be used for pool coping or creating under pool and pond liners. This product is one of our most popular sands and is used across a wide range of applications. Plaster sand is sourced from a single quarry for quality control.

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Enlarge Brickies Loam

Brickies Loam

Brickies Loam is the ideal sand for bricklayers. The perfect mix of washed fine sand and loam this product is sure to stick to your brick or block. It is mixed with cement to create a smooth batter. Other uses for brickies loam include concrete haunches and creating bases for above-ground swimming pools.

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Enlarge White sand

White sand

Refined white sand is vivid white in colour and is an unwashed natural sand variety. It is used within many tiling applications, in particular tiling projects and feature mosaics. White sand ensures perfect white grout. It is a natural product and sourced from our local Queensland quarries.

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Enlarge Fill sand (screened)

Fill sand (screened)

Fill sand is the ideal levelling product for a variety of projects. This blend of sand has been screened making it the ideal product for filling in ditches and holes. It is commonly used as a levelling agent to create the perfect foundation for concrete slabs.

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Enlarge Double washed sand

Double washed sand

Our double washed sand variety is a well-known favourite amongst renderers working on the Gold Coast. It is extremely clean and fine textured to ensure that it is easy manageable for use. We source from quality suppliers to ensure consistency in every grain.

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* Price excludes delivery charges. If delivery or less than a metre (either cubic or square) is required, contact us to request a quote. Please note all prices displayed are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.