Gravels & Bases

At Preston Landscape Supplies we offer a complete range of gravel. No matter what the application is, whether you're creating a driveway, laying a concrete slab or renewing your plumbing and drainage system, our yard stocks an extensive product range to help keep your projects running smoothly. Contact our team to organise prompt product delivery or for assistance with choosing the correct gravel for your job. No quantity is too big or too small.

Enlarge Concrete Blend

Concrete Blend

Concrete Blend is a ready made solution for your next concreting job. A mixture of 10mm aggregate gravel and sand, Concrete Blend offers a time effective alternative for tradies and DIYers alike. Just add cement and water at your required ratio and lay your concrete hassle free.

Price: $113.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Road Base 20mm

Road Base 20mm

Road Base features 20mm blue metal gravel and crushed rock particles. Its the ideal material for maintaining driveways, carparks and can even be used for certain drainage fillings. Let it dry it in its natural rocky state or wet and compact for a solid, smoother finish.

Price: $93.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Blue Metal 20mm

Blue Metal 20mm

Also known as blue metal or drainage gravel, Screenings Gravel is perfect for for fill around pipes and plumbing. At 20mm, the gravel is large enough to stop unwanted items being washed into your system and small enough to allow ample water to pass through.

Price: $104.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Cracker Dust

Cracker Dust

The small particles of Cracker Dust provide our customers with an easily compacted product. Suitable under pavers, within paths or driveways, Cracker Dust offers a faster, more durable levelling solution that sands or soils. This product is known for its optimal drainage properties.

Price: $88.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Drainage Gravel 5mm

Drainage Gravel 5mm

Our 5mm drainage gravel is the perfect multi-purpose variety. Small enough for use in drainage applications around plumbing and structural features, our gravel can also be used to form driveways and paths. Blue-grey in colour.

Price: $109.00/m³ *
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* Price excludes delivery charges. If delivery or less than a metre (either cubic or square) is required, contact us to request a quote. Please note all prices displayed are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.